Spaying and Neutering

Safe Spaying and Neutering Services

Approach Our Clinic for Your Pet's Spaying or Neutering

Animal Spay-Neuter Clinic has been providing our spaying and neutering services since 1982. Rely on their expertise when it comes to choosing a veterinarian.

You won't have to worry about expenses when you choose Rohrig Animal Hospital as your go-to veterinary office as we accept CareCredit. Call or visit us today to find out how you can get set up.

With a full-time veterinarian on staff at our facility, we always have time to offer top-notch services for you and your pet. 

We Use the Latest Equipment to Provide You With the Best Veterinary Service

With access to all the equipment and tools we could ever need, we're more than prepared to provide the best veterinary services around the state. We're one of the oldest pet clinics in the area, and we have the expertise and customer service to show for it. Get in touch with us today!

Full Line of Animal Services

Not only can we be trusted to conquer any surgical or emergency situation but we also perform routine checkups and exams. Your animal's needs will be well taken care of by our qualified staff.
Is your dog old enough to be spayed? Call us to know.
Don't chance an unwanted pregnancy. Whether your pet needs to be neutered or spayed, we're the place to call.
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