Checkups and Exams

Complete Pet Checkups and Exams

Keep Your Pet Healthy With Routine Checkups

Always keep an eye on your animal's health when you take advantage of our routine health exams. We diagnose and treat any symptom before it threatens their life.

Have access to the veterinary care that your furry friend deserves when you choose Rohrig Animal Hospital as your go-to veterinary clinic. We help you afford our services with CareCredit. Call us to learn more!

Providing Personalized Pet Care Services Since 1918

Here at Rohrig Animal Hospital, we pride ourselves in the fact that our facility is one of the oldest continuing veterinary practices in the state of Nebraska!

For nearly 100 years, our expert staff has been providing optimal health care for the pets in your community. With such personalized care, there's no reason not to work with us.

What We Do During Your Pet's Checkup?

At your dog's or cat's routine exam, we mainly focus on the condition of their ears, eyes, and skin. After all, we're educated, certified, and affordable for you and your pet.

Access the Recent FDA Updates

Stay on top of the recent recalls of the FDA. We make sure you have access to all the veterinary information you may ever need to know.
Call us to increase the life span and health of your dog or cat.
Is your pet in need of a checkup? It's better to be safe than sorry when it comes to your animal's health.
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